Welcome to Dundadun Acres

Welcome to Dundadun Acres

Welcome to Dundadun AcresWelcome to Dundadun AcresWelcome to Dundadun Acres

About Us

Our Family

Welome to Dundadun Acres! Let me introduce ourselves. We are the Willis family, Pa (Eric), Ma(Coreen), and five little munchkins, Malachi, Isaiah, Abigail, Nehemiah and Baby Jerusha. It has been our dream to find a small acreage stead in the country and after 10 (very long!) years, we’ve finally made it. We found the prettiest place in the Red River Valley and  making it become our wonderful home. Why do you need to know? Because we want to serve you and this community! We aim to be a diversified small family farm that produces what the people want. So check out what we offer and let us know if there's something YOU would like  to see!

Our Farm Philosophy

We are not anti-chemical, nor will we become certified organic. Why? Because we don’t believe in marketing gimmicks, we believe in common sense. 

We do our very best to not use any artificial chemical or medication on our produce or animals, but if an animal is going to die without intervention, we will give antibiotics. We won’t spray pesticides to save a crop but if a bug or disease were going to kill an entire orchard of trees, we will use any means necessary to stop it. We believe in moderation, and only turn to modern interventions if they are absolutely necessary. We produce fresh, healthy products, and go above and beyond making our animals happy and sanitary so we hopefully won’t be forced to make those choices.

Contact Us

We offer a variety of ways to contact us so you can choose what works best for you.  

We have a landline for the nostalgic, email for the techie, and cell/text for those in a hurry. Whichever you choose, we strive to get back to you within 


Dundadun Acres

16613 11th St, Buxton, North Dakota 58218, United States

Landline: 701-430-0272 Cell/Text: 701-610-3636 email: dundadunacres@gmail.com

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