Idaho Pasture Pigs


After alot of thinking and research about what we wanted in a meat pig, we stumbled upon the Idaho Pasture Pigs or IPPs, for short. These pigs are a very new breed and were developed with the small homestead in mind. The meat breeds Duroc and Berkshire were mixed with the smaller KuneKune (native to New Zealand) to create a breed that was of friendly disposition, decent growth rate, and a true grazing pig. Kunekune brings the great disposition to the table and the signature shortened snout for less rooting damage to pastures, while Duroc and Berkshire add more weight and faster growth to the finished hog. They still take longer than the normal 6-7 month growth time and end up around 260lbs in 

9 months. For that reason, 

we also raise faster growing and leaner cross breed hogs for those for the more traditional market hog. We offer feeder pigs of either for those looking to raise their own meat or grow out hogs for market.

Meat Sales


Here's how it works:  

You call and put a deposit on your pig. We schedule a finishing date based on when we think the pig will be at optimal butcher weight (say 260lbs for this example).   We contact you a week before drop off, and you pay the remaining $210 for the live weight of your hog. Once you are paid up, we give the butcher your contact info and you will get a call in 1-2 weeks that your meat is ready.  It's that simple!     

On a 260lb hog, the price would be around $190-240 depending on how much curing (bacon, ham) and sausage you desired, and you would walk away with approximately 170lbs of meat. That brings your per pound total to $2.65-3/lb.      

If you don't think you can make it to the processing facility, ask about delivery options, in most cases it is free of charge!